How About Some 'Chikoo Wine' For This Weekend's Wine-And-Dine Soiree?

The wine is a product of the experiment of winery owners Nagesh Pai and Priyanka Save.

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Weekend dine and wine is now a norm and how! With restaurants offering experiences that one could probably have never thought of, it only makes the ritual better!

A good bottle of wine is a must to wash down the scrumptious food one consumes, after all, who doesn’t like a little happy high. Traditionally, grapes have been the source for most of the wines that are manufactured in the country and even abroad. But at the beginning of this year, something unheard of happened. We are talking about the ‘Chikoo wine’. A first in the world.

Yes. If you’re as stumped off like the wooden cork of the wine bottle, then you have every reason to read on.

So chikoo, the underdog of fruits upped it utilization quotient and readied itself for the experiment of winery owners Nagesh Pai and Priyanka Save. The duo who came up with the idea, own a vineyard in Bordi, a village that is 10kms from Dahanu, Maharashtra.

Dahanu-Gholvad is a major chikoo-growing belt near Mumbai, but the sales of the fruit have been on a perpetual decline. To revive the scene and boost the sale, Priyanka and Nagesh took to an experiment of making wine from chikoos. The small experiment was scaled up with the help of Canadian wine-maker Dominic Rivard whom the duo called for assistance. Rivard's quest for making fruit wine has taken him to various countries on the globe in the last 25 years.

‘But how would it taste?’ – is your question still? Well, let us reveal you a tidbit secret of the wine-making process. Since chikoo has a high pH value, it can be fermented quickly and with ease. A dash of caramel notes is added to give it a flavour. And there it goes, making a grand entry in the world of vino!

While talking to LiveMint, Rivard said, “A good thing, if you want to make wine out of it.” The wine, along with its fragrance and every bit of the essence was captured in a bottle under the label ‘Fruzzante’. Say Fruzzante, think – sparkling cider like wine replete with hints of caramel and vanilla.

High-end retail stores in Mumbai had to struggle for as good as five years to procure the license to sell this new wine lovers’ nectar, but it seems the wait was worth it. One can pair this wine with Asian and Oriental food. A 330ml bottle of this handcrafted wine is available for a menial sum of Rs. 255.

The Bordi winery is now planning to do the same with other fruits such as litchi, mango, black plums and even star fruit.

Safe to say that India is all set to become a prominent spot on wine map of the world!

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