Chicken, Booze And Razors On A Break: The Real Reason Behind Rituals In The Month Of Shraavan

Shraavan started in the North of India on July 20, and south of the Vindhyas on August 3, and this is when observant Hindu moms start insisting to avoid nonveg

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So the holy month of Shraavan started in the North of India on July 20, and south of the Vindhyas on August 3, and this is when observant Hindu moms start insisting on the avoidance of non-vegetarian food both outside and at home, as well as liquor (of course they know, right?). Call me a Bhakt if you’re annoyed at missing those beer-and-biryani outings, but there is some pretty sound logic behind our ancestors’ coming up with these rules. Reaad on to know more!

Chicken? More like Chi-can’t-for-a-month!

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So you are super miffed at your mom not allowing you your Wednesday-and-Sunday portions, and has forbidden you from eating out too. Nope, not even eggs! You should listen to her. This is because the rainy season wreaks havoc on your digestive system. Think about the last time you had spicy food when it was cloudy outside, and what it did to your gut. Avoiding non-vegetarian food, which, especially in India, tends to be over-spicy and oily, is for your own good!

And while this may not necessarily be true in modern times, meat would harbour pathogens of all sorts which would then cause serious infections when consumed. Take your call!

Finding (and destroying) Dory

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Now the logic behind this deserves the Nobel. Parts of it, at any rate.

It’s not just humans who find the rainy season romantic, you know. So many species of animals, terrestrial as well as aquatic, are mating around this time. Chances are, if you caught a fish around this time and (gasp!) split it open, you’d find many eggs in it.

So what you’re essentially doing when you’re catching fish in the rainy season, is ensuring that you get lesser fish for the rest of the year, because those eggs you saw couldn’t be hatched.

Still want to go for that fish-fry?

Hold the Booze!

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So you’re advised to eat less, your immunity is down, your digestion is sluggish, so it doesn’t seem like a very good idea to make your weekend a little too happy, does it?

Patrons of the local watering hole know that alcohol is acidic in nature. It makes you hungrier, and you are also awfully hungover later (which calls for a heavier breakfast!)

The scriptures say that liquor increases the rajasik element, which is responsible for lowering inhibitions and amplifying emotions such as lust and rage. Drunken brawlers, you know what they’re talking about!

So just steer clear for a little while and give your tummy (and your liver) a much-needed break!

No-Shave Shraavan

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Turns out, Hindus have had their own no-shave November. Men traditionally wouldn’t shave during this month because the steel (previously iron) razors would rust faster, thanks to increased humidity and moisture in the air. It is not advisable to use rusted iron stuff as you can contract serious infections, if you get a razor cut.

While this logic is now obsolete with rust-proof alloys used in grooming equipment, but hey, we know you’re looking for an excuse anyway!

So now you know about the flawless logic behind these restrictions. Religious observances are a very personal choice, but if you see reason in these arguments, why not give your body some pampering? There is so much more yummy stuff to eat during all the festivals anyway!

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