Cherophobia: Are You Afraid Of Being Happy?

Yes. It is a disorder.

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We all have met some people in our life who say that if you are happy, then sadness is not far away. Don’t write such people off as pessimists just yet. A considerable number of people suffer from cherophobia, the aversion to happiness!

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In this disorder (chero: gaiety in Greek) an individual generally avoids the positive emotions coming to him or her, apprehending definite sadness following this period of joy. They have the mindset that if you remain happy then bad things like death, punishment, and bad luck will happen to you.

The phobia can be defined as an exaggerated and irrational fear of being happy.  The symptoms of the phobia may range from anxiety, feeling of terror, fast heartbeat, short breaths and panic. when the person experiences even the hint of happiness!  More obvious symptoms include sweating, dry mouth, nausea, shaking and also inability to speak words or sentences.

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The treatment may range from combination therapies to behavioral therapies. These include therapies like anti-anxiety medications and counselling about to how to deal with such situations. The feeling of worthlessness will be too common in such persons since they may have a traumatic past or may be dealing with traumatic situations currently.

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Basically if a person is suffering from this phobia then one can say it’s all because of anxiety that leads the depression of a particular person. There may be infinite reasons of depression in today’s world due to work and other family problems. Recently a test also found that in approximately 2 years the number one disease people would suffer from will be depression. Depression will be also out bounding heart diseases since people will suffer from mental illness more! So if you find a person having a fear of being happy, make sure you send them for counselling!

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In the end, again happiness is a state of mind so one cannot generalize happiness as one thing that leads to another! It depends on many factors and situations although cherophobia can be cured by having a positive mindset!

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