Chandigarh’s 10-yr-old Rape Victim’s Baby Adopted by Maharashtrian Couple

After parents of the 10-year-old rape victim refused to “even see the face of the baby”, she was taken to Ashiana.

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We always talk about how wrong things are, but we hardly do anything to make things better. A couple from Maharashtra, are making things better not just by talking, by through their actions.

The daughter of the 10-year-old Chandigarh rape victim has been adopted by a ‘well-to-do’ couple from Maharashtra after three-and-a-half months of her birth. The family, which came to know about the infant through Central Adoption Resource Authority’s website, took her home last week.

This heinous case had grabbed international attention and justice was demanded from every corner of the world. The 10-year-old victim was raped by her two maternal uncles and impregnated by one of them.

A special fast-track court conducted the trial and found the two uncles guilty. They were awarded a life sentence.

After parents of the 10-year-old rape victim refused to “even see the face of the baby”, she was taken to Ashiana where she was looked after by house mothers, nurses and caregivers, under the supervision of the social welfare department. A pediatrician also monitored her health regularly. The baby does not have any medical deficiency even though it was a premature delivery. Her height, weight and growth have been reported to be normal as well. 

Earlier, there were reports that the girl was being adopted by a foreign couple however, child welfare committee chairman Sangeeta Vardhan laid to rest all the rumours.

Sources said the baby has been adopted by a well-to-do family, who were “very caring”. When the couple arrived here, they also brought clothes for her, said sources.

Meanwhile, child welfare committee chairman Sangeeta Vardhan laid rest to the rumours that a foreign couple was adopting the child and said adoption has taken place according to the guidelines. However, she said that some paperwork is still pending.

Ashiana, a specialised adoption agency (SAA) in Chandigarh, will be monitoring and reporting every six months about the adopted child for two years.

This incident goes on to prove that humanity still exists.

Information and cover image source: hindustantimes

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