Celebirities Around The World That Commited Henious Crimes

Various Activities done by celebs off screen often define their characters.But there are certain celebs that turned into criminals .Here is the list of those.

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Celebrities’ life is all about being on the top and never about the lows. The special kind of ‘high’  fame gets us on screams for more and more and more. Law seems like something that is not at all made for you. Well, some may have been suffering from anxiety while some just lived under the delusion of being above law. Whatever, maybe the case these acts surely lead them to a darker path.

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These celebs committed some of the most heinous crimes that nobody expected them to.A Motive behind some of them is still not known.

1. Oscar Pistorius

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First Paralympic athlete who competed in the Olympics and even won races against able-bodied athletes. Oscar was recently found guilty of murdering his girlfriend and has been sentenced to serve 6 years time in prison. Oscar did commit this heinous crime and in his defense, all he had to say was “I mistook her for an Intruder”.

2. Shiney Ahuja

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Famed Bollywood actor who rose to fame with movies like ‘Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi’ and ‘Gangster’. He saw his career dwindle down with a rape case filed against him by his maid in 2009. Since then court dates and trial saw the actor getting thrown down in the line of unemployment. The Court did come to a decision and handed a 7 year jail time to the actor. The case’s handling and legitimacy are being questioned by many.

3. Mike Tyson

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The Dominant heavyweight boxing champion ‘Mike Tyson’ too served time behind the bars on account of a rape case in 1991. He was convicted of raping a Mrs, black American contestant and was sentenced to serve 6 years in prison. Although he only served 3 out of 6 years.

4. Sanjay Dutt

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‘MunnaBhai’ of the Bollywood Sanjay Dutt found himself serving a prison time of 5 years. He was found guilty of possession of illegal weapons which were directly involved in 1993’s serial bomb blast. A heinous crime regardless of whether he agreed to store the illegal weapon knowingly or unknowingly. It indeed aided terrorists in their conspiracy against the city.

5. Mark Wahlberg

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Mark Walhberg was briefly imprisoned for a period of 45 days with the charges of assault and attempted homicide although, he was set to serve a two years jail time, of which he was released in 45 days only. He was only 16 years of age when he was found guilty. Still, it does not give anyone the right to assault a war veteran- Johnny Trinh , who served the nation during the Vietnam war.  

6. Danny Trejo

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Prolific actor Danny Trejo saw a decade-plus of his life circling around jail time and criminal activities. He a big chunk of his life in prison for crimes involving drugs and armed robberies.

7. OJ Simpson

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A very famous American football sports figure, OJ Simpson is the model of heinous crimes and criminal activities. He saw legal troubles most part of his life. From murders to armed robbery to kidnappings, cases kept piling up against him which saw him getting handed a prison term of 33 years in 2007.

8. Monica Bedi

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Unknowingly aiding a terrorist is one thing but being involved with a well-known criminal is straight up heinous. Monica Bedi never possessed much of acting skills to break into the Bollywood films as a lead. She was caught by the Lebanon police in 2006 along with 1993’s serial bomb blasts mastermind Abu Salim on the charges of possession of fake documents and a fabricated name. She was sentenced to serve 5 years in prison.

9. Salman Khan

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Salman and legal controversies seem to go hand in hand like two best friends. The unconventional friendship began in 1998 with his hunting of rare Antelope. Salman Khan along with co-stars Saif-Ali-Khan, Tabu, Neelam and Sonali Bendre have since been facing legal problems for it. Salman spent some days in jail before getting bailed out.  Then in 2002, he faced charges for allegedly driving under the influence, murdering a 28-year-old and injuring multiple others. He was sentenced to serve 5 years term in jail for the crime of which he was later acquitted.

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