This Cat-Like Robot Is Designed For The People Who Live Alone!

The cat is a simple configuration of Raspberry Pi with only a screen and basic sensors inside.

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There’s no denying when we say, staying alone makes you independent and strong. But then, how long can you keep yourself away from togetherness? End of the day, you need someone to talk to.

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Based on the concept of erasing the loneliness, especially amongst the young people who stay alone; South Korean developers have introduced a novel cat-like robot, who listens to your daily activities.

The developers introduced her last month at the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction. The robot is named “Fribo: A Social Networking Robot for Increasing Social Connectedness through Sharing Daily Home Activities from Living Noise Data.”

Scientists from Korea’s Yonsei and KAIST universities interviewed four groups of young people who tested the robot for a month.

Fribo, the robot-cat listens to your daily activities by using AI and sends the information to your social chat groups. It’s an attempt made by Fribo to encourage you in socializing.

The researchers call it as a “virtual living space” that brings together individuals who are physically isolated.

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How does it work:

There are microphones and sensors installed inside the cat that recognizes domestic activities like when someone comes home, turns on a light, vacuums, or opens a fridge. Trivial as it might sound, this information is then shared anonymously with the rest of the group. Fribo says,

“Oho! Your friend opened the front door. Did someone just come home?”

What happens then:

Fribo speaks the message loud, the other person who listens to it can either respond them by texting in the group chat or can knock twice near their Fribo. If you knock, the cat then recognizes that ‘knocking-sound’ and passes on a direct message: “What are you doing? Kwangmin is curious!”

Just like knocking, the user can also share approval by clapping three times when their Fribo gives them a message about an anonymous activity. For e.g. if a person is notified that a friend has just arrived home late, they can send them a “welcome back” message just by clapping.

Still confused on how it works, then this might help you.

So, far the cat has received a positive response. One participant said,

I can imagine what my friend is doing and I feel like we live in the same house, but in another room. It’s like sharing daily life activities with friends.

Others reported texting and calling friends more often, and even said that having a Fribo changed their daily routine.

The other participant said,

I usually wake up late in the morning, but when I began to notice my friends getting ready early, I started thinking about starting the day earlier with my friends.

You might not be able to cuddle this cute-little-black-cat,  but still, she proves to be a great help.

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