This Guy Bought A Tiny Hammock For His Cat Which Enables Them To Relax Side-By-Side

The cat looks cute lying over the pink - coloured hammock.

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Gone are those childhood days when we used to love preparing and buying  cute-little-tiny things. But then with time, we kinda forgot to indulge ourselves with playing around with these miniscule pleasure-giving things, these activities that once gave us immense pleasure.

But how cute it sounds when you get to know that a man your father's age goes shopping for adorable things - not for himself but for the family’s cat.

Ana Beatriz Pinho is a Brazilian girl who loves her cat to the moon and back but it is her dad who loves the cat more. This was proved when her dad bought a cute little hammock for their cat- Paçoca

Like every cat, Paçoca also loves to sleep and linger around. Very much like the cat, the dad of that house also loves to relax and spend time lying over the hammock.

And what other gift could be the best for her, than a hammock?

You might be surprised to know that when Ana posted this on her Twitter, it got retweeted tens of thousands of times.


Information and image source: boredpanda

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