‘Casting Couch’ Feat. Imtiaz Ali Becomes “Aaplya Baapacha” Couch On Women’s Day!

The fiery women from 'Aaplya Baapachi Society' are putting the 'Casting' in 'Casting Couch With Amey And Nipun'.

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Women’s Day is all about celebrating the beautiful, wonderful women in our lives and telling them how special they are.


The dynamic hosts of Casting Couch With Amey and Nipun recognized this and graciously offered the show to Parna Pethe and Mrinmayee Godbole for the Women’s Day Special episode.

Well, almost.

Acclaimed director Imtiaz Ali appeared on the show for its fourth episode this season, and the “guest hosts” Parna and Mrinmayee couldn’t contain their excitement.

Imtiaz also rose to the occasion, blowing the hosts away with his charm.

Meanwhile, Amey and Nipun were pushed to the margins, like Anshuman from Jab We Met.

We found out, much to our despair, that Imtiaz doesn’t believe in marriage.

Sorry ladies.

And, because it is Women’s Day, Nipun was at his feminist best.

Do we sense a showdown happening?

Watch the entire episode to find out who ends up claiming ‘Sadda Haq’ (geddit?)


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