Cannes Film Festival In The Yesteryears: When Film Fetched Spotlight Not Fashion

Shabana Azmi took a jibe on the latest trending outfits of celebrities in Cannes by uploading her old Cannes photo

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Is Cannes all about fashion? Certainly not! But flip through any newspaper or browse through any website, you will only see fashion statements making the headline. It seems that Cannes Red Carpet has become a fashion runway for celebrities where every now and then we see them flaunting a new shimmering outfit. We don’t hold anyone responsible because celebrities need to stand-up to their “celebrity quotient” and “flamboyance” but we just feel that amidst all this, we might forget the true essence of this festival.

Just to remind you, Cannes is an annual film festival held in France which previews new films of all genres including documentaries, from all around the world. Reminiscing into the real fun back in the year of 1976, Shabana Azmi took a jibe by tweeting:

Shabana Azmi shared this picture of her with another legend Smita Patil and director Shyam Benegal from 1976 Cannes where they went to promote their film Nishant. Just to promote the film! That’s it.

Well, someone really needed to throw light on this contemporary-moronic trend. We are glad Shabana Azmi did it.

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