Can You Reach Mumbai From Delhi Under 12 Hours? Find Out Today!

Find out Whether you can cover the distance of Delhi - Mumbai within 12 hours.

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The Spanish Talgo train embarks on its final Delhi-Mumbai trial run on Saturday. The train is expected to leave New Delhi station at 2:45 PM and reach Mumbai at 2:29 AM Sunday. The train, which aims to cover the 1,384 km stretch in less than 12 hours at 150 kmph, failed to hit the required speed in the earlier three trials.

Talgo stands for Tren Articulado Ligero Goicoechea Oriol, which translates to light articulated train. The first three trials of the train were conducted in Bareilly and Moradabad in May, Palwal and Mathura in July, and Delhi and Mumbai in August, respectively.

The 9-coach Talgo train has 2 executive class cars, 4 chair cars, 1 cafeteria, 1 power car and a tail-end coach for staff and equipment and can attain speeds up to 180 kmph.

Some of the biggest benefits of a Talgo train are the reduced time, the non-requirement of separate rail tracks, among others.

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