12 Camels Disqualified From Beauty Pageant For The Use Of Botox Injections

The contest is the part of the month-long festival that is named after King Abdulaziz, the founder of modern Saudi Arabia

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Well, who doesn’t love to watch a beauty contest? Be it India’s Next Top Model or the Miss World Pageants, we cannot just stop admiring the gorgeous beauties that walk on the ramp.

But how keen would you be to witness a beauty contest that has camels walking the ramp instead of beautiful women? Weirder as it gets, the contest also has some serious strict norms which have even kicked 12 camels out of the contest.

Source: npr

The reason to disqualify them from the pageant was the use of botox, their owners made to make the camels look young and beautiful.

The camel beauty contest was held in Saudi Arabia. It was also announced that the winner- Miss Camel would get millions of pounds as a cash prize.

The illegal usage of botox came to the light when the camels were judged on the size of their lips and cheeks.

Source: abc

This competition was held in Rumah, a place that is 160 kilometers east of Riyadh and is a part of a month-long annual camel festival that showcases the Saudi cultural heritage.

Chairman of the King Abdulaziz Foundation Fahd al-Semmari said the contest aimed to highlight the camel's importance,

The goal is to give citizens, residents, and visitors from outside the kingdom the opportunity to see something new.

Apart from the contest, the festival also highlights other fascinating things which include- a petting zoo featuring the world's tallest and shortest camels, a museum with life-size sand sculptures of camels, tents for tasting camel's milk and viewing camel-hair textiles.

Information source: abc, sky

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