Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer Drops With A Surprise!

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The Call of Duty franchise of games is known for two things.

1. Its proclivity for churning out an instalment every year.

2. Bashing out and exploding things in the most glorious way possible.

Now, the first trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has hit the net and it has come with a nice surprise.

The game has Jon Sn…err….Kit Harington as its antagonist.

With interplanetary missions, robot sidekicks, and star-ship battles, this promises to be a unique chapter for Call of Duty. It seems that Harington’s rebel faction, the “Settlement Defense Force”, is fighting to defend its Martian colony’s autonomy from further settlements by a resource-dry Earth.

Despite a backdrop that’s been used in many games prior, controversially diverging from Call of Duty‘s roots, Infinite Warfare has certainly pushed for a vision of the future that feels both unique and distinctly Call of Duty. The threats are human and political and the set pieces are epic in nature. Whether or not this serves as a new benchmark for the series or simply acts an oddity in its eventual canon, this is definitely a chapter to watch.

Title image: COD

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News Entertainment Food Travel World Events Nagpur Pune Reacho

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