Butterbeer Doughnuts Topped With Golden Snitch Is Every Pottrehead’s Dream!

But the awesomeness doesn’t end here! Read on.

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All Potterheads have owned some really cool Harry Potter merchandises at some point of time. But what if I told you, now you can gorge on some really delectable doughnuts made of butterbeer, that too with the topping of an edible Golden Snitch which has the cutest fondant wings?

Tempted aren’t y'all?!

Sugar Shack Donuts, a chain in the US has come out with this coolest sugar treat which is making every Potter fan go batty! The doughnut chain will be selling these limited edition magical delights at 12 locations in Virginia, Florida and Washington D.C. etc throughout October.

Spoon University had reported that some of these outlets ran out of the stock sometime back but the outlet promised to restock the shelves until every die-hard fan’s content.

Sugar Shack has suggested customers to pre-order just to stay on the safe side than being disappointed. They “fully expect to have more demand than supply”, as they announced on Facebook.

But the awesomeness doesn’t end here! If you bring in your wand to the store, your treat would be on the house! “Bring in your wand and perform a spell, and we’ll give you a free house doughnut,” the shop wrote on Facebook.

Caution: “Real wands only,” read the ad. “No pencils and sticks from outside.”

In case you’re booing me for going gaga about this treat which would be served only in the US, you might want to cut me some slack for I’m sharing with you’re the link for meringue-frosted Butterbeer baked donuts recipe from food blog Gringalicious.

Or else you have the option of using your brooms and travel by the Floo powder!

Information source: huffpost

Title image source: cosmopolitan

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