This Business Traveller Has An Amazing Collection Of 15,000 'Do Not Disturb' Tags

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If the collection of currency and coins is called Numismatics, then what would you name a person or a study that deals with collecting DND hotel tags?

Crazy as it might sound, this retired Italian UN worker has an amazing collection of 15,000 'Do Not Disturb' signs from hotels, inns and resorts from across the globe.

source: cnn

Enthusiast or maniac, call him whatever, Edoardo Flores loves to collect DND signs. Although he stumbled upon this bizarre passion accidentally, he never stopped pursuing it. He specifically loves the art, design and stories behind these signs.

Flores started his collection in 1995. He was fascinated after he saw an interesting Do Not Disturb notice in his office and brought it back from a business trip to Pakistan.

source: cnn

While talking to CNN Travel, he said,

Most collections start by chance, people pick up objects and then maybe later on they think it's something nice to collect.

I was working for one of the UN agencies, and so a lot of my work was abroad, around the world in fact. So I traveled quite a lot.

source: cnn

Flores recollects that it was a colleague who gave him the idea.

Then someone said, these are nice, why don't you collect them? So I started picking them up on a more regular basis, he added.

He loved the witty-quirky varied DND signs, he thought it was fun and so he kept an eye on such unique signs.

Apart from his colleague, the credit of his collection also goes to his UN job, which gives him plenty of opportunities to travel the world for work.

Information source: cnn

Title image: dailymail

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