Bus Conductor In Tamil Nadu Faces Action Because He Let A Pigeon Travel Without Ticket!

Bus conductor in Tamil Nadu faces action because he let a pigeon travel without ticket!

TNSTC, Pigeon travelling, Cop issues a memo against the conductor for letting a pigeon travel without a ticket

A conductor with the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC) was apparently issued a memo by the police as he let a pigeon travel in the bus without a ticket. Funny and bizarre as it may sound, this is exactly what happened.

Late in the evening, the only government bus connecting Harur and Ellavadi village, was on its way through a forested area with around 80 passengers on board, when the transport department stopped the bus to check tickets, a little outside Harur.

It was at this time that a drunk passenger on his mid-40s, who had caught hold of a pigeon, was found having a nice chat with the bird. When the inspector noticed the bird, he immediately enquired the conductor if he had issued a ticket for the little bird perched on the bus window. He also quoted a rule which stated that tickets were mandatory for all birds and animals traveling on the bus.

The conductor tried to explain himself by saying that the bird wasn’t there with the passenger when he boarded the bus. This, however, did not impress the kanoon ka rakhwala, who in turn, issued a memo for the conductor for not knowing his duties.

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According to an official, the state transport has rules that state that one fourth of the full ticket fare is to be collected in case of a person carrying more than 30 pigeons at a time. However, “The rules don't mention charging passengers for transporting one pigeon," he said.

 Apparently, a senior TNSTC official in the Salem division said he would like to wait till Monday and go through the memo the inspector submits. "Inspectors submit memos on Mondays. We will take appropriate action if any rule was broken," he said.

This tiny pigeon seems to be ruffling a lot of feathers in the TNSTC.

So, next time you are traveling with the TNSTC and happen to carry or come across a pigeon, sparrow, butterfly, or maybe a ladybug, make sure you are well aware of the rules about the fares!!

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