Burglars Steal Gold, Money Only To Return It With An Advice!

The burglars confessed that they made a mistake by stealing their possession.

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It is said that things once are stolen, it’s nearly impossible to get them back. However, in this case, the stolen assets not only came back but also with an advice from the thieves who had stolen them, the previous day.

This incident took place in Karnataka's Mangaluru where Shekhar Kunder and his wife Thilothama were at work on Saturday. Some unidentified thieves broke into their house in the afternoon.

The thieves took away 99 sovereigns of gold and Rs 13,000 in cash after breaking the rear door of the house.

Source: TheHindu

When the couple came to know about the burglary when they got back home, they immediately approached the police to file a complaint, the same day.

On Monday, two men riding on a motorbike threw a packet in the compound of the house and fled away. Surprisingly the packet contained all the stolen goods including the gold and the cash.

Source: TheSun

But the most shocking was the unforeseen piece of advice for the family from the thieves- asking them to not keep so much gold in their home.

The note from the thieves read, ‘The family must safely keep the gold in a bank locker’.The note also added that they had made done a  huge mistake by stealing the gold and the money.

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