When Burger King Came Up With A Brilliant Idea To Celebrate The Good Samaritan Day!

The tagline for this campaign says- Would you go out of your way?

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13th March is observed as the Good Samaritan Day in US and hence to celebrate this day, Burger King came up with a brilliant idea. 

Apparently, the Good Samaritan Day is a day of unselfish actions and helping those who are in need. Basically, it’s a day that celebrates kindness and unleashing the unselfishness.

So with an objective of reaching out to a person who is struggling or having a problem, Burger King very cleverly made a short film that ends with a very catchy- benevolent note.

This ad shows a broken-down car on the side of the road in California. The next frame shows a helpless driver calling out for help in the hope of getting some assistance to extinguish the fire that has been caught by the car.

Source: designtaxi

But as the film progresses, you see many cars halting to provide aid to the helpless driver and turns out that- the smoke that was emerging from the car was actually coming from a grill installed in the front of the car.

Everyone who stopped by to help was surprised with a whopper (sandwich) served by the King himself.

Source: designtaxi

Talking about this marketing stunt, the spokesperson of BK said,

Sometimes a simple gesture can be a reminder of how great it feels to do good.

Source: designtaxi

Check out for the 1-minute short film below:

Information source: bandt

Title image: designtaxi, wikipedia

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