Bulgarian Street Artist Is Putting Googly Eyes On Street Objects In The Most Hilarious Way

Vanyu Krastev has an exceptional insightful creativity which he uses to transform random things into expressive quirky faces.

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Eyebombing is the new form of creativity where one sticks googly eyes on basically anything one can find in order to make people smile for a while. These funny looking random things are catching eyes of people in Bulgaria. Vanyu Krastev is a street artist who we assume has a very artistic and ridiculous imaginary vision to look at things in a different way. With an objective to make the mundane things look more interesting and funny, this artist slammed googly eyes on the trees, lampposts and trash bins that he came across while strolling around with his powerful imagination. 

Here are some mind-boggling pics of random things which got overhauled in the most amazing way.















Information source: 24hviralphotos

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