"Sometimes we sleep on empty stomach": BSF Jawan Shares A Video Of Food Jawans Get To Eat

What was even more shocking was Jawan's revelation that even though government supplies them with enough ration, corrupt army officers sell stock outside.

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Now isn't this shameful? A BSF Jawan of 29th Battalion, Tej Bahadur Yadav, yesterday posted a video highlighting the plight of soldiers made to eat sub-standard food. The Jawans are on standing duty daily, often for 10 to 12 hours and require proper nutrition to sustain in the inhospitable conditions of Himalayas.

Tej Bahadur showed in his video what meagre food the Jawans get to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They get paratha with just tea for breakfast, roti & dal with just haldi and namak for lunch and dinner. He complained that the food is essentially tasteless and the same for all days. At times, the personnel have to go to bed on an empty stomach.

What was even more shocking was the Jawan's revelation that even though the government supplies them with enough ration, the corrupt army officers sell the stocks for their own personal gains.

Below are the videos posted on his Facebook wall - 






Yadav asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to order an inquiry into the matter. He also stated that due to posting this video, he might be facing the ire of his superiors.

The videos have gone viral on the internet. Meanwhile, the BSF has reacted to uproar on Twitter - 

Home minister Rajnath Singh tweeted, saying he had seen the video and that he has sought a report from the BSF on the issue.



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