Britain’s Newspaper Ad Was A Cut-Out Sanitary Pad In Order To Promote "Period Poverty"

Philanthropy at its best!

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You might concur with me if I say that talking about periods is still a taboo in India- at least in most of the parts!

On other hand, there are countries who are out-rightly talking about menstrual hygiene. 

Banking on this issue, Hey Girls, a British company of sanitary products has made a unique advertisement.Their aim was to raise awareness regarding the "period poverty" in a country where 1 in 10 girls have had to use toilet paper, socks, or newspapers. 

Hey Girls said that it wanted to "stop people in their tracks" - "make your own sanitary pad.

Celia Hodson- Company’s founder told the Thomson Reuters Foundation,

Nobody thinks about period poverty or girls missing school because of not having menstrual products. Everybody thinks about India and Africa, they don't think of our girls ... If it makes you think about that in a different way, it's really interesting.

Hey Girls is a social enterprise gives out packet of sanitary pads to a girl belonging to poor family background, and till now they have managed to donate 850,000 packets. The company’s objective is to do benevolent work and make profit from it.

This advertising campaign will promote the launch of its products in British supermarkets. 

Information and images sourced from globalcitizen

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