Britain's Royal Navy Facing Biggest Russian Submarine Activity Since Cold War

In the aftermath of Brexit, Britain may find it increasingly difficult to confront world powers on its own.

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Russia, since getting involved in Syrian affairs, has increased its naval activity in Northern Scotland waters. The British Royal Navy has had to escort Russian vessels past its waters in more than a few times. But it is not bigger vessels like aircraft carrier that has worried the British Navy. Its the activity of Russia's increasingly sophisticated submarines in the region that has not seen such activity since the Cold War days.

Some Russian analysts have claimed that this is part of Russia's operations to find out more about Britain's nuclear deterrants that are kept in the region. After Vladimir Putin came to power, Russia has sought to regain its position has a superpower and on its path has rapidly modernised its navy. How the future European leadership along with Trump-ruled US confronts this issue remains to be seen as Moscow shows no sign of slowdown despite everything NATO throws at it.

News source: Telegraph

Title image: Vestnikkavkaza

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