Bringing You The Finale Of Game Of Thrones Recap: Season 6 & 7

After a walk through of the last four seasons, we are back with season 5 & 6!

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Yes, yes! We know Season 7 is out and you know what to expect. But about Season 5 & 6’s key moments, you know nothing, Snow! So I’m going to summarize Season 5 and 6 here and be on the side of the angels to those viewers who are going to catch the premier on television tonight!

1) Mance charred to death

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Jon Snow is unable to convince Mance to accept Stannis’ authority. As a consequence, Mance is burned alive. However, Snow puts an arrow through him to kill him quickly.

2) Arya’s internship

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Arya arrives at Braavos. Before entering the House of Black and White, she throws away all her personals except her needle, which she hides away in a pile of rocks. She is then given the task of learning about Trant and then eventually killing him. Arya doesn’t follow the rules of the Faceless men and kills him breaching the directions given to her. As punishment, she is blinded.

3) Tyrion, the foreigner

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Tyrion and Varys arrive in Volantis. Soon after, he is taken captive by Jorah Mormont. Mormont plans to present Tyrion to Daenerys and redeem himself. They land up to several fighting pits where Dany’s present but all in vain. However, she accepts Tyrion and gives him a place in her council.  In the final fight at Daznak’s, Sons of Harpy attack Daenerys who then escapes with Drogon. Tyrion is left to look after Meereen along with Varys, Grey Work and Missandei in Dany’s absence.

4) Jaime and Bronn in Dorne

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Jaime and Bronn sneak into Dorne sensing that Myrcella would be in danger and plan to sneak her out of Dorne. On getting caught, they are brought to King Doran who assures Myrcella is safe and that she can be taken back to King’s Landing provided they are accompanied by Tyrstane, the son of Doran to whom Myrcella is promised. On their way back to King’s Landing, Myrcella is poisoned as a revenge taken by Ellaria of Oberyn’s death.

5) Loras and Margaery’s arrest

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Loras is arrested by the Sparrow’s on being tipped off by Cersei. At Loras’ investigation, both he and Margaery deny of his homosexuality. However, a male prostitute confesses about his encounters with Loras. Margaery is then arrested for lying to the Gods.

6) Walk of shame

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The High Sparrow calls for Cersei’s arrest after learning about her incestuous relationship with her cousin Lancel. He is left thirsty in her prison cell in order for her to confess of her crime. At the end when she confesses about her former relationship with Lancel, she is made to face atonement and walk down the streets completely naked.

7) Sansa flees, again!

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Littlefinger leaves Vale with Sansa and goes on to form an alliance with Roose Bolton. In return, Sansa is to marry Ramsay. Sansa discovers Theon in the castle and learns about his torment. Sansa too is tormented by Ramsay who rapes her in the presence of Theon. After the battle with Stannis, Sansa tries to escape but is confronted by Myranda. Theon kills Myranda and then runs away with Sansa to Winterfell.

8) Stannis’s end

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After being defeated by the Boltons, losing his daughter to a ritual of witchcraft and his wife committing suicide, Stannis is faced with Brienne who ultimately kills him.

9) Snow stabbed

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Snow and Tormund go to Hardhome to convince the wildings to join them before the White walkers attack them. However in an ugly turn of events, they are attacked by a wights at that moment. Snow kills one with a Valyrian sword and then escapes Hardhome with as many wildings as possible while watching Hardhome being engulfed by the wight’s wrath. In the end, he is stabbed to death by his mutineers, including those of Thorne and Olly.

10) Snow resurrected!

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In Season 6, just when we were grieving over Snow’s death for the 1st two episodes, he is resurrected in the 3rd one. He gets a resurrection gift when he is united by Sansa in Castle Black after she escapes.

11) The new King of North

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Jon takes on Ramsay in the infamous battle of bastards. The battle starts off in favour of Ramsay when Rickon is killed. However, it is Jon who emerges as winner and is crowned at the King of North.

12) Arya, the Faceless

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Arya’s internship ends with her bestowed by the powers and traits of the Faceless. Her first victim is Walder Frey who co-orchestrated the Red Wedding.

13) Daenerys dominance

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Daenerys is captured by the Dothraki tribe. Her captive is cut short when she get her dragons to torch her captors and runs away. She then goes on to form an alliance with Theon and Yara Greyjoy, the House of Martells and the House of Tyrells. They all march towards Westoros.

14) Wildfire, part 2!

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Cersei is coping up with her walk of shame and her beloved daughter’s death. She is seen getting into various supremacy tiffs with the High Septon. In the end, she blows up the Great Sept of Baelor with the wildfire killing most of her enemies. She ends the season seated on the Iron Throne as Jaime looks on.

15) Hodor!

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Hold the door. Enough said.

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