This Bridge In Scotland Mysteriously Makes Dogs Commit Suicide!

The dogs somehow commit suicide by going towards the edge.

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There are very many urban legends that can creep one out. But the ones that involve death are the ones that give the chills down the spine.

One such spine-chilling, unsolved mystery is that of Overtoun Bridge. Yes, it involves mysterious deaths.

Situated in the quiet town of Dumbarton, Scotland, is the Overtoun house. The spooky bridge which goes by the name Overtoun Bridge is in the grounds of the namesake house. Overtoun house is almost 150 years old. But the unexplained creepy things have been going on since the last 70 years, upon the bridge.

In the span of these 70 years, dogs are believed to go over to the edge of the bridge and commit suicide.

Yes, you read it right.

The bridge stands tall at 50ft from the bottom of land beneath. According to the registered information, 50 dogs have jumped to death and about a 600 have jumped off but survived. The data found dates back the earliest incident in the 1950s.

But of course, nobody knows the reason as to why dogs take the leap, which surely, is not of faith. But the reported incidents have striking similarities. First, all the dogs who jumped have long-noses and second being that they’ve all jumped from the exact same place. The spot is precisely in between two parapets on the right side of the bridge.

Many believe this to be a paranormal activity. Some even say the spot is a ‘thin place’ which means a distance between our world and the world of the spirits, according to an old Celtic term.

There is also a speculation that involves the former lady of the house, Lady Overtoun.

Lady Overtoun was staying alone for the longest time ever since the death of the husband. But then when she died in 1931, spooky things started happening at the estate. This was around the same time the mysterious dog deaths started taking place.

A book has been written on this subject by author Paul Owens. He says, "It's a very strange place. One of the things peculiar to the location is that it can seem very peaceful and tranquil, but it can turn at a moment's notice.

"You can experience great joy, but at the flick of a switch you are filled with horror and terror, I've felt it and I've seen it happen."

There are a couple of other folklores that explain the mystery but almost all of them are improbable.

A research was conducted by a canine psychologist, Dr. David Sands, who said that the reason could be a combination of sensory deprivation and the presence of mink. Yup, improbable again.

Sands went on to say in a Channel 5 documentary: "When you get down to a dog's level, the solid granite of the bridge's 18-inch thick walls obscures their vision and blocks out all sound. As a result, the one sense not obscured, that of smell, goes into overdrive.

"I think it's highly likely in all the cases here at Overtoun Bridge that it was curiosity that killed the dog."

But the only question that haunts me is, why are people still taking their dogs here!

Information & image source: ladbible

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