Brazilian Football Team Involved In A Frightful Plane Crash!

Chapecoense FC involved in dreadful plane crash.

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In an unfortunate event, Brazilian football team ‘Chapecoense’ were involved in a ghastly plane crash along with 80 more passengers when the plane was approaching to the city of Medellin in Colombia. The football team was due to play in the final of South American Club Cup against Medellin local team Atletico Nacional. Due to this hapless incident the final is reportedly being suspended for now.

The plane apparently crashed in mountains of Medellin and no precise information about the number of casualties is confirmed yet. It is believed there might have been some survivors from this deadly crash. Local media reported that the plane was flying as low as 150 feet at the time of accident.

We hope there are no serious casualties in this tragedy of huge proportions. Local authorities have appealed for people to stay away from the crash site and let the rescue team work freely.

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