Before Shifting To Nagpur, BrahMos Engineer Allegedly Leaked Info From Hyderabad Lab

In a deep trouble!

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It looks like Nishant Aggarwal, the BrahMos Aerospace engineer, is falling into deep trouble day by day.

According to a recent development in the case, the Nagpur unit of Brah-Mos was not the only one place where Aggrawal allegedly used illegal means to lay his hands on “secret and sensitive” defence information.

Sources in the Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) say that he also allegedly leaked information from the Hyderabad laboratory where he previously worked.

The desktop computer at the Hyderabad laboratory from where the secret documents were allegedly stolen has been seized by the UP ATS.

According to the reports, while working on his Nagpur assignment, Aggarwal acquired all the classified details by storing it in his personal laptop at his residence.

“The accused illegally acquired some classified information from a Hyderabad-based laboratory whose identity we will not reveal at this juncture. We have sealed the desktop from where he took the secrets. The contents of the desktop and classified information stored illegally in accused’s laptop have been sent for forensic examination for comparison,” Mumbai Mirror quoted a source in the ATS. 

The investigation revealed that several classified registered files with red markingswere stored in PDF format on Aggarwal’s personal laptop.

 “We are trying to ascertain whether he collected information as per a plan and specific focus,” the source added.

Till now the investigation discovered that Aggarwal was in link with Pakistan through two “fake” Facebook accounts operating under the names of Neha Sharma and Pooja Ranjan for the past few years.

“As part of such honey trap operations, ISI agents posing as women strike a friendship with defence employees. They either tell them that they are journalists seeking information or offer lucrative private jobs abroad. Aggarwal, despite being engaged in highly sensitive work, was casual on the internet and made himself an easy target,” said an ATS officer.

Information Source: Mumbai mirror

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