Looks Like Brad Pitt And Jennifer Lawrence Are Going To Kiss Under A Mistletoe This Year!

An anonymous source disclosed that Brad had his eye on The Hunger Games actress for quite some years.

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Just when we thought that Brangelina could be a thing again, the rumor mills proved us wrong.

So, if the rumors are to be believed, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence, yes, the Silver Lining Playbook actress, are now a thing.

The two prestigious actors have been spotted together on various occasions. According to the Daily Mail, Brad has ‘landed the woman of his dreams’ in Jennifer Lawrence.

Another source of the Star magazine revealed: “Brad and Jennifer have been enjoying lots of late nights together. There’s an intense connection between them!”

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The 54-year old actor and J-Law have given Hollywood some blockbuster and critically acclaimed movies. If the rumors come true, the couple will go on to become the next ‘IT’ couple of the showbiz!

Speculations about the love life of both the actors have been the highlight of the year that went by. While Brad split from his wife Angelina Jolie, Lawrence called off her relationship with director-boyfriend Darren Aronofsky earlier this year.

Brad was relatively keeping a low profile after his split with Jolie. But the rumors of him dating a lot of actresses including those like Marion Cotillard and Kate Hudson still kept churning out.

The anonymous source further added that Brad had his eye on The Hunger Games actress for quite some years.

The source said, “Brad has had his eye on Jennifer for years.”

 Source: wmagazine

Apparently, Brad somehow managed to get Jennifer’s phone number but couldn’t muster the courage to initiate any conversation, the source said.

The source also spoke about how nervous Bead was about dating especially given how perfect he and everyone else around him thinks Jennifer is.

Actress Kate Hudson was quizzed on her alleged romance with Brad on Watch What Happens Live.

She denied the rumors saying, “That was the craziest rumor of all time. No, there’s nothing true to that. As a matter of fact, I hadn’t actually seen him in, like, four years.”

Another rumor that sparked a wildfire was when Brad was allegedly dating actress Ella Purnell who is a look-a-like of Angelina.


???? black like my soul

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According to In Touch Weekly, Brad was so smitten by the Never Let Me Go actress that he even offered her a role in the new series of Starz, Bittersweet.

Even the young actress couldn’t resist herself from Brad’s charm and was much in adoration of him as well. Flattered by the attention she got from Pitt, she revealed how he was her numero uno celeb crush. She, however, denied any speculations about a relationship with the Hollywood heartthrob.

Well, all we can say is only time can tell us is Hollywood is to get its next power couple of not!

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