Bored With Your Regular Coffee? Try Jack Daniel's Whiskey Coffee To Raise Your Spirits!

You might want to stack your hip flask with some coffee for now on.

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Move over Irish coffee, the real alcohol infused coffee is in the house.

Jack Daniels’ has taken a leap and bound and come up with hot brew that tastes just like their classic whiskey.

We’re not sure if it is an ideal choice for the boardroom meeting or a conference, but who cares much when you can get to have a warm cuppa smokey brew! And what better than sipping it from the Jack Daniel's 360 Tumbler. Yes, the company made a complete set of coffee cups and travel cups along with the coffee packet.

Well, frankly we are not complaining! Who would want to carry a JD branded cup and sip the boozy coffee served in it!

But the catch here is that the coffee is non-alcoholic, just like our Old No 7 Tennessee Whiskey. The coffee is vanilla and caramel laden. Also, the coffee is kosher, believe it or not.

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The consumers of this coffee have so far loved it. One of them wrote a review saying: "My girlfriend bought me this for Christmas and I must say it is the best coffee I have ever had.”

"It is such a unique flavor that makes the coffee feel more refreshing while you drink it. It is just a hint of the whiskey flavor and I would suggest that this is meant for people who like to drink their coffee black otherwise cream takes away from the flavour."

We’re impressed!

There is also a decaf coffee that JD’s has introduced. I mean, what even! What is a JD coffee if not whiskey and then no caffeine also! We really don’t know how we feel about this one now.

If you’re wondering about the alcoholic breath that the coffee will leave you with, then worry not for the ones who’ve had it say its breath-friendly. Unless of course you down cups and cups of it!

While we wait for our orders to arrive, we’re already drunk on the idea of JD’s coffee.

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