Bored Of Coffee Dates Already? Here Are 8 Unconventional Date Ideas For You!

What is more romantic than conversation over a cup of coffee? Well, about a hundred out-of-the-box ideas to spend time together, which can get you date.

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What is more romantic than conversation over a cup of coffee? Well, about a hundred out-of-the-box ideas to spend time together, which can get you and your date out of your shy zone! Here we have 8 novel ideas for your “dream date”:

1. Go book shopping:

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So, who introduced you to fairytale romances and candyfloss love stories? Books! Hence to explore more about your date through his/her taste of genre, go book shopping and select books for each other. You never know, your date might also turn out to be a story worth telling!

2. Cycle in the rains:

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A little heart-pumping is all you need for the bond to blossom…thanks to our movies, we know rains always cast a magic spell *wink*! Get those bicycles rolling on the wet roads into the woods. Hope a healthy fitness regime paves the way for a healthy relationship.

3. Bake a cake:

Source: womensforum

Legend has it that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then why not accept the challenge together ? Try baking a cake together, spend time calculating the proportions of the ingredients and let the aroma spice up your connection!

4. Get lost on a drive...on purpose:

Source: rivervale

Start out on a long drive and explore the unknown! Let your intuition lead you, trace the road back to your place. Who knows, the strange streets might add a spark to your date?

5. Strike the right chords:

Source: ikarmik

Love is a sweet melody after all! Opt for a jamming session or a karaoke evening! Let the music take charge of tuning your connection. Shake a leg with your date and make it a happy evening.

6. A Gothic date:

Source: cnn

Need a thriller element to increase the fun quotient? Go for a date in a graveyard. Horror is a good excuse to hold hands in the end *wink*. May the resting spirits shower their blessings on you two!

7. Walk on the beach:

Source: uqueen

The setting sun, chirping birds and the sound of the waves! It is a perfect option for a peaceful date. Enjoy the wet sand under your feet and have a good “deep thoughts” chat.

8. Volunteer at an NGO:

Source: lifehack

“Together” is a happy space to be in! The best way to celebrate your connection is by spreading love and kindness around the world. Volunteer for an education drive or a blood donation camp. Hope the good karma bestows a blessing on you!

Got more offbeat ideas? Share with us in the Comments below!

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