This Bored Guest Vs Housekeeping Staff's Creative Jugalbandi Will Make You Smile Instantly!

The bored guest started leaving messages for the housekeeping staff by creating people from stuff which was readily available in the room.

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Business trips are not always fun and exciting, especially when you have to travel often. Being away from your family, plus eating and sleeping alone can become really monotonous. Shuttling from airports and living alone in your hotel room when you are ideal is the worst thing that could happen to anyone!

But this traveler who was staying in a hotel in Azerbaijan, came up with an awesome idea to beat his boredom.

He started leaving messages for the housekeeping staff by creating people, creatures and even cars created using towels, pillows, and also stuff which was readily available in the room.

The housekeeping staff was truly amazed by the creations and took part in the game.The game continued until the last day of the travelers stay.

We bet you’ll love this! So, scroll down to know the challenges.

#1 The first challenge

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It really brought a smile to housekeeper’s face

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#2 The smile continued the next day as well

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A cute smiley in response

Source: earthables


#3 The twisty monster

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#4 Followed by the triangular nose

Source: boredpanda


#5 And something that would escalate your imagination

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But the housekeeper seems to be impressed!

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#6 A Car! This is so innovative!

Source: boredpanda

He got a cheering message, in response.



#7 When the kid inside you urges to come out!

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#8 He has really stretched his creative muscles, this time!

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Some words of appreciation!

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#9 Lastly, the final and heartfelt goodbye!

source: boredpanda

Information source: twentytwowords

Title image: boredpanda

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