Books And Beverages: 10 Brews Which You Can Try While Reading!

When the weather is cooler and the temperature is lower, all you can have it a hot, steaming and well brewed coffee which can provide you the much needed heat.

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As much as a pleasure one can derive from reading their favorite works of writers, so much more can they content themselves with some beverage to accompany them while reading. While people usually relate to drinking just coffee or tea while reading, we at Reacho have put together this list of beverages that will serve the same purpose with a little more with taste and benefit. So without much ado, here they are rendering to the seasons that they’re more benefitted with:


1. The good old caffeine

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When the weather is cooler and the temperature is lower, all you can have it a hot, steaming and well brewed coffee which can provide you the much needed heat during the cold weather. The evergreen coffee, which can be had in all the seasons and specially winter, can also help you from sleeping in those cozy, cold and lazy evenings and keep you engaged in your book!

2. Hot Chocolate

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Nothing can ever level up to the soothing and ever-lasting sensation of hot chocolate on your tongue and those little wordgasms you get while reading the most anticipated book of yours.


3. Lemonade

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In the scorching heat and the hot, steaming weather: an iced lemonade can heal like no other! The salty and ice-cool drink will not only serve as a respite, but will also aid you with a fresh mind and relaxing sensation to start anew the left pages of the book you’ve been reading.

4. Iced tea

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A cool iced-tea on a warm summer evening can serve a proper beverage for reading, so much so that it’ll not let you put down the book for long!


5. Smoothies

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The well flavored smoothies with creamy and milky impressions will quench your thirst, will refresh your mind as well as will brace you for the long hours of reading on the spring afternoons.

6. Aerated drinks

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Aerated drinks or simply sodas serve as those beverages which will hook you up with the book in a way never before. Fantasies and fairytales become more fascinating and engrossing with such beverages and there’s literally no looking back.


7. Soup

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A cool and breezy late afternoon when it’s about to rain, you can curl up under your blanket and choose your favorite flavor of soup and quench your thirst as well as enjoy your reading with removing all the worries of the world off your head!

8. Milk

Milk, in any form as you may like, can be a treat to your tummy, help you read better and nevertheless be healthy for you. A cold evening after rain, with the aroma of petrichor arousing your nostrils and the hot beverage soothing you while you read your favorite author will give in for a picture perfect eve.



9. Apple cider

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The sweet apple drink can put away your sorrows to an end while you’re on and about your awaited novel. The beverage can unwind you from your busy day and captivate and mesmerize you while you’re reading!

10. Tea

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A refreshing, hot tea, be it black, white or a patent Indian tea, it can take you away into a whole different world of words and fictional characters who might actually seem more real than the real world around you. the sweet or milky beverage will revive you with a longing to read more and more and to never stop.

Which beverage do you like the most while reading? And, do you fear spilling off your drink and ruining your book? Let us know below!

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