Bookreviews: Khaled Hosseini And His Moving Pieces Of Work

The Masterpiece novels , written by Khaled Hosseini who is an Afrgan-American novelist, is a real time champion.His Success made him to full time writer.

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Khaled Hosseini, born on March 4, 1965, is an Afrgan-American novelist. Born in the City of Kabul in Afghanistan, his family moved to Paris, France when he was 11 years old. Four years later, his family moved to the USA and he never got to return to Afghanistan until 2001. After graduating and earning his MD in 1993, he practiced medicine for ten years. It was an occupation which he termed as ‘an arranged marriage’. After the release and success of his debut novel ‘The Kite Runner’, he gave up his practice and became a full-time writer. Berkeley

Spending the first 11 years of his childhood in Afghanistan created the foundation of all the three novels that has been written by him so far. With his writing style and the deepest of the emotions triggered by him with a splendor of story-telling, he can move every vein and bone inside you with such mediocre and explicit instances that you will cry to read more. Let’s take a look at his works of art:

1. The Kite Runner Dextcesorvey

‘The Kite Runner’ released in 2003 was his debut work which had the plot set partially in Afghanistan and partially in America, featuring an Afghan protagonist Amir. The theme of the novel at the heart is the tale of two childhood friends Amir and Hassan, who become estranged with the lapse of time and fate. Known for a ‘father-son story’, Amir Struggles his way through the novel to create a close bond with his father and at the same time he tries to cope through the haunting memories of his childhood. The novel creates an impact on the reader’s mind of how immense a simple bond of two friends can be. It can be so subtle and at the same time so heartfelt that even with the time that passes and the relations that changes, it can still be felt with the same intensity and integrity.

The novel was a big turning point in the author’s life. With its success, the author left his medicine practice and started off as a full time writer. The novel spent 101 weeks on The New York Times Best-Seller list.

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The Kite Runner was also produced as an audio-book read by the author. In 2007, the novel was adapted as a film of the same name.

2. A Thousand Splendid Suns Aamilsyed

In 2007, Hosseini’s second novel was published. The theme was also set in Afghanistan and focused on the female characters and their roles in the Afghan society. The novel is based on the story of two women, part one about Mariam, part two about Laila and part three on the relationship between the two women. The novel, known for a ‘mother-daughter story’, magnifies the struggles and sufferings of women in the society and lay the attention on the little details of how they are devoid of the simplest of the pleasures of life, such as love. Mariam, born in a Kolba, was an illegitimate child and lives all of her life with her childhood abuses. Laila is born a generation later and lives a normal life until the lives of the two women are entwined by the outburst of the war in Kabul. The author brings into light the sacrifices and the love that the characters in the novel give up and live for. The novel was Times Best seller for 103 weeks. Pinterest

Movie rights for this novel have been acquired by Columbia Pictures.

3. And the Mountains Echoed Downtownmagazineenyc

Released on 2013, this novel revolves around the life of a brother and a sister who are estranged at a tender age. The novel is a multi-generation family story having a background of Afghanistan. A family in a small village is forced to make a life-changing and painful choice and a young brother and sister become unwitting victims of their family’s despair. The sacrifices, love, wounds and struggles cover up the different parts of the novel. The moving and heartwarming bond that the sibling shared was portrayed with such explicit details and their reunion towards the end is so profoundly moving that the author needed some courage to make the sad-ending a happy one. A well-knit novel that covers a whole generation of their families and their struggles, has been translated into 40 languages. Mumsnet

The novel debuted near the top of the Times list and remained on it for 33 weeks until Jan, 2014.

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