Did You Know That There Is A Book Cafe In Shimla Run By Prisoners?

Jai, Yog, Raj and Ram have got special permissions from jail authorities to run this cafe.

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In what could be termed as a new and an unusual experiment, Shimla gets its very first books cafe hosted by prisoners. The cafe is located just above Shimla’s iconic Ridge and will have free wifi access for the visitors and will also serve fast food.

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Jai Chand and Yog Raj were seen in the role of chefs and two other inmates of the jail, Ram Lal and Raj Kumar would also assist them in serving beverages to the visitors.

All of them are currently undergoing life imprisonment. This is why they will be running this cafe during the day. Jai, Yog, Raj and Ram have got special permissions from jail authorities to run this cafe.

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All the visitors coming to this book cafe will interact with prisoners and enjoy pizzas and other bakery products made by them.

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The cafe also provides books, magazines and free wifi access with the delicious food. It will have books like Past and Present by Edward J. Buck. and lots of other books on traveling and history.

Source: newsaura

As Himachal Pradesh is famous for woolen shawls, the cafe will also offer woolen shawls made by the prisoners.

The cafe is truly an example of how prisoners can be transformed and be ready to live a happy life. We hope this new experiment becomes a great success!

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