7 Bollywood Songs That Have Always Tagged Heart To Be A Badass

It’s not our heart who is stupid and crazy; it’s we who are ignorant and silly towards the care and protection of our heart!

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So far, India must be the only place where you’ll find maximum no. of songs associated with the heart. While our heart functions 24/7 and does so much for our body, our Bollywood in return have always looked down upon our heart, by calling it- Crazy, Stupid and all that Jazz.

Today, on World Heart Day we dedicate this list of songs to our Bollywood who has always disdain our heart and its importance.

1. Gustaakh Dil

This foot tapping number captured over a perfect retro theme was just too hard to escape from. In the song, you see Shahid and Soha ali jumping and bouncing and calling out their heart to be mischievous.

2. Dil Toh Pagal Hai

Now who has given Madhuri Dixit, the authority to call one’s heart insane? Though in the entire movie, we see SRK toggling between the two female leads, how is the poor heart responsible for his insanity?

3. Badtameez Dil

Calling out the heart to be- arrogant, insolent and manner-less and still swaying on the beats of the song; in the entire song Ranbir and Deepika are seen shouting out loud and telling the crowd that their heart is Badtameez.

4. Dil Ullu Ka Pattha Hai

While you see Ranbir and Katrina dancing weirdly amidst the crowd, we somehow feel that it’s their dance steps exhibits a level of craziness instead the heart.

5. Hai Apna Dil Toh Aawara

I guess our heart has a lot many things to do rather than just wandering around. Supplying blood to the body and performing other vital things our heart cannot just leave the body and go out strolling.

6. Yeh Dil Deewana

Who is SRK talking to or singing to? The car’s windshield? Calling his heart loopy and silly, what is he trying to prove? Explaining the same thing actively and passively, it seems to us that it’s SRK who is been loopy!

7. Dil Mera Mufta Ka

Your heart is precious, and even after knowing the importance of it and the risks that are associated with it, you cannot just tag your heart to be a “free thing to be sold”.

Learn the value of a heart and you shall know the worth of it.

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