Some Unknown Facts About Bollywood's Most Versatile Actor- Om Puri!

The man who was never bound to any specific genre!

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Without the conscious thought, we somehow cannot stop ourselves from bowing down to this extremely talented actor of Bollywood- Om Puri; who had spent decades working in the film industry.

Known for his versatility and stellar acting skills, we wish to unbox some lesser known facts about him, in his remembrance, on his birthday!

1. Om was the recipient of the prestigious Padma Shri award and National Film Awards.

Source: ndtv

2. He started his acting career with a Marathi movie called: Ghashiram Kotwal

Source: twitter

3. As Om came from an underprivileged background his brother had to work as a coolie while Om worked in a local tea shop, in order to win the bread and butter,

Source: ht

4. Apart from Hindi movies, Om has worked in Punjabi, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, English and Malayalam movies.

Source: indianexpress

5. Apart from being a part of popular series like Tamas, the actor has played diverse roles in numerous Hindi and English television shows.

Source: telegraphindia

6. Om had an inclination towards agriculture and cooking and his ultimate dream was to open a dhaba called 'Dal Roti'.

Source: bbc

7. In a December 2016 interview, it was speculated that Om, foretold his death.

He said, “My contribution as an actor will be visible once I leave this world and the young generation, especially film students will watch my films.”

Source: ht

Information source: wikipedia, india, indianexpress

Title image: The Dawn

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