Dear Bollywood, Remaking Stale Old Songs Is Boring Us To Death, Could We Get Something New?

We are so done listening to remix versions of these old songs!

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Okay folks, you see a group of roadside funks drooling over some curvy glam gals. Now, in an ideal world you would want to slap them with a charge of eve-teasing.

But hey, is that what you were taught by your candy-floss romance preaching Bollywood movies?

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If streets of your country do not make you go 'Dhink Chika Dhink Chika', then you better think about your loyalty towards this swagger - filled man.

And you might think that this Romeo is not aware of his challenged state of mind.

But behold, because he just confessed, 'Gayi meri mat maari':

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And when the food got cold, we refreshed it with some herbs, spices, more curvy women, much more cheesy lyrics and gave you an oven fresh "Remake”.

Wonder what the buzz is all about?

It is the story of that song you must have grooved to for hundreds of times, in every shaadi, sangeet and Ganeshutsav sandal or the playlist of every DJ party.

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You remember that party when you broke the dance floor on the song 'Hawa Hawa'?

This funky number is an original of this Pakistani pop icon :

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He is Hasan Jahangir who rose to fame in the 1980s with this upbeat track. Here, please your melody - hungry ears with this:

Ever since the beats caught people's attention, there was no looking back.

Just when we were hungry for more, hotness got real:

The song was remade in the movie Chalis Chauraasi, here is the video:

Ain’t that too much funk in one screen?

However, too much of this song is just taking away the essence fellas!

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So, for once could we get something original to the core?  Something new please? 

Until then, if you are among those who live under the illusion that Hollywood does not draw inspiration from Bollywood, have you seen Bruno Mars and gang hangout on roads showing off their 'Uptown Funk'?

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Want something stale just out of the oven? This song was also recreated recently in Arjun and Anil Kapoor - starrer Mubarakan. Here is how you do it Bollywood style:


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