Bollywood Has Been Making A Fool Of Us Since A Long Time

After watching this you might want Sanjay Leela Bhansali or Karan Johar to direct your life.

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We all love typical Bollywood masala where goons kidnap the heroine and then the hero comes to rescue her. After that, the most dramatic fight starts and obviously the hero wins and finally, after the whole story ends, the so called cops come. And yeah, how can we forget that they live happily ever after…?

However beautiful this may sound like, but we all know this is impossible in real life. Bollywood has been fooling us for years and years and we keep falling for it.

So, today on April Fool's Day, here’s a look at how Bollywood does it…

1. Girls Waking Up

Okay, so people think girls wake up as beautiful as they sleep; as if she has a makeup artist right beside her who just makes her hair and does touch up all night.

No, in real live girls wake up as ugly as you can’t imagine.

2. Monsoons

Yeah yeah! Monsoon is romantic and we also know it only stays up till four months but every single time a boy proposes the girl there has to be rain. As if god is just waiting for the right moment like- "So, buddy as you’ll say I Love You, I’ll open the tap…. Haa…"

So grow up filmmakers and let other seasons also to take part in your films.

3. Teasing

And here comes the roadside Romeos. Bollywood thinks girls gets impressed with the teasers on road and fall in love with them…

Dude, no it’s not like that. Just to let you know eve teasing is a crime in real life so film characters, no chance!

4. Fights

According to Bollywood, there is no word called physics. Thank God Newton is not alive now. If he were to see this insult of physics then he would have surely committed suicide.

No car can play Marry go round like this in reality.

5. Clubs

According to Bollywood movies if you are the main lead of the film you can easily go to any club and dance on the centre stage.

This is a club, not your Bhaiyaa ki shadi to let random girl to stand on stage and entertain rest of the people.

6. Slow Motions

Oh yeah! My personal favorite slow motions. So if you are coming out of sea then the time will automatically start running slow and you will get more than enough time to manage your poses.

This is far from reality. Nobody comes out and walks on a beach like this because the sand will not allow you to do that.

7. Love Making In The Ice

Every time a couple feels romantic, they are suddenly dropped into a foreign location and the most horrifying part is heroines wear chiffon sarees in freezing temperature.

In reality, a girl can’t even stand in those places without an overcoat, sweater etc.

8. Happy Ending

Last but not the least the so-called happy ending. How can anyone expect a happy ending every time in real life?

There is nothing like 'happy ending' in real life until you are alive

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