And These Stars Made Us Realize That They Are As Human And Flawed As You And Me

Be it an autobiography or a biopic, their confessions are the new ways of reaching out to fans.

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Our country and its people “celebrate” Bollywood no less than a festival. Be it trending fashion in the malls or the ‘jhakkas’ lingo we use everyday, signature steps being performed in shaadis and baraats, or asking your date out with a cheesy pick up line eg: “Aati kya Khandala” or “Chalti hai kya 9 se 12?”, we breathe Bollywood everyday.

Given this religious approach, it does not surprise that we treat our film-stars as synonymous to Gods. We use a term “superstar” and it made me curious as to what made these people earn a ‘more than ordinary’ life. I remember my granny drawing parallels in the traits of my grandpa and the hardcore morality-driven Dean Narayan Shankar (Amitabh Bachchan) from Mohabbatein. We accept them portraying larger-than-life characters on screen, so much so that we forget that they are as human as you and me.


Suppose if you were to enter the Bachchan house, you would expect Jayaji to open the door like this:

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*pun intended*

But we seldom accept the fact that these stars might have demons of their own to fight, or a flaw that takes away the magic from their on-screen character. While the older generation found ways to connect with their stars by standing in front of their villas for hours, only to see this star come and wave for a few minutes and vanish, the GenX found a much practical way.

She had everything a girl would struggle for - a career on the rise in the glamour industry, beauty which was appreciated by all, name and fame at the desired age. Yet Deepika Padukone's confession of being in depression came as a surprise initially and later served as a ground for connection to her fans.


Heartbreak is every girl’s story, and while we shied away from dealing with these issues, Deepika took social media by storm by accepting that she sought professional help for her problems. Her steps encouraged many others to reach out for help.

The catching trend seen later was that of autobiographies. We saw biggies of Bollywood giving us a peek into their lives and their struggles.

One such autobiography was that of Rishi Kapoor. Rishi in his book 'Khullam Khulla' confessed to buying an award for his debut role. While corrupt practices are not to be encouraged, he really found a way to connect with his fans by sharing his weak moment. It indeed served the purpose of being an “auto”biography.

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And, like Daddy like son, the recent win was that of Ranbir Kapoor in his podcast.

During a podcast with AIB, Ranbir gave explanations for everything that seems unlikely of him.

Be it dealing with the unpredictability that comes with his job, or the day-to-day evils of one’s life, he openly spoke about it all.

In an industry where from songs to direction, every actor ‘experiments’, he openly accepted committing the mistake of producing his movie Jagga Jasoos:


To tips for dealing with breakups:

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And....playing a superstar onscreen - the Sanjay Dutt biopic:

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Sanjay Dutt, is another superstar who will be taking us through the journey of his life, both good and bad, thus hitting the right chords with his fans.

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From 'larger than life' to 'real life' we all are growing up!

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