Blushing Gorgeous: Blush Shades To Suit Your Skin Tone

Blush shades can make your face look either pale or overdone if not applied properly or if the shade does not match your complexion.

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Just like foundation creams, your blush shades can make a world of difference to your face.


Blush shades can make your face look either pale or overdone if not applied properly or if the shade does not match your complexion. But fret not! Here’s your guide for choosing the best blush colour according to your skin:


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Light shades from baby pink to peach are best suited for fair skin tones.

1. Baby Pink: If you are going for a natural look then you should always choose pale pink or baby pink. Pink tints enhance your natural blush always blend with fair skin perfectly.

2. Peach: This will look fantastic on anybody but will especially suit those with yellow undertones. Since it tends towards orange it blends perfectly and looks natural too. Peach blush is beautiful and will make you feel gorgeous.

3. Plum: Plum blush creates a more dramatic effect. As it is deeper, it is perfect for an evening out. It will add a healthy flush to your skin and also give a more glam look for the party!


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Olive skin tones, also called “wheatish”, usually only need a little enhancement in colour, and apricot shades are the best bet.

1. Apricot: Apricot with a hint of orange is always flattering and on wheatish skin this shade is soft, as well as flirty and fresh. Plus if you want to go bolder, always have this shade and you will be ready to rock!

2. Mauve: If you want to try something edgier, you should go for muted mauve. This shade always look rich and gives depth. Wear it with a mauve eyeshadow and lip color varying the textures. Something shimmery on the eyes and you are ready.

3. Berry Shades: Berry shades of pink are flattering on this complexion. If you want something in midrange and not too much loud this shade is for you. Since it is delicate, soft and pretty it can always go on fair to medium skin. A raspberry shade will be also perfect since it will give you a look like you've been to snow and it's vibrant but natural.


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Chocolate skin complexions are most flattered with deep shades such as raisin.

1. Raisin: Raisin shades are brown with a hint of pink. It imparts a healthy flush to the skin without appearing over the top.

2. Bright Tangerine: Bordering on neutral for deep complexions, tangerine with its orange tint is subtle yet gives a radiant effect.

3. Brick: Shades like deep terra-cotta looks gorgeous on your skin. Indian skin generally has yellow undertones so warm shades suit your complexion best. Currently trending brick shades will add up a punch and are a great option for contouring.

Which blush works best for you? Share with us in the Comments below!

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