Blue Or Black? Know What Your Favorite Color Speaks About You!

There may also be transitions of favorite colors from one to other, but that transition might also take a lifetime. Know What Your Favorite Color Speaks About

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What’s your favorite color? See what it says about you!

Psychologists say that a person’s likes and dislikes can tell a lot about that person. Just like your taste in music can tell about your personality or your current playlist can tell about your mood, in the same way your favorite color can speak volumes for you. You may not exhibit all the qualities that a color speaks of you, but I bet you might resonate with a few.

There may also be transitions of favorite colors from one to other, but that transition might also take a lifetime. So while you liked black then and now that you like blue, let’s see how it speaks about changes in you:

1. Blue

Source: Lucarubinachi

You are trustworthy, compassionate, conventional and sincere. You think before you speak and you are careful with what you ask for. You are genuine and sincere and while you feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities, you make sure you don’t leave a stone unturned. You are confident, self-controlled and quite knowledgeable in whichever area interests you. In short, you’re as awesome as your color.

2. Pink

Source: Aliexpress

You are loving, kind, generous, sweet and charming. You are always sensitive about the needs of others. You give way more than you receive. You require affection, love and a sense of security and sometimes this might make you look fragile. Yet, there is a child-like part of you that makes you even more adorable, just like your color.

3. Purple

Source: Pinterest

You are artistic, unique, intuitive, compassionate, understanding and sensitive. You pay attention to the little details that others fail to notice and you keep observing and analyzing everything. You have a different level of imagination which others can’t cope up with and that makes you stand out. Being a generous giver, you ask for nothing in return but friendship. You can keep secrets well, because you are good at hiding emotions and things. Just like your color, you are a beautiful soul.

4. Red

Red RoseSource: Publicdomainpictures

You are bold, loud, passionate, outgoing and an extrovert. Spontaneity and impulsive behavior defines you. You can be determined with what you want and what you do not want and that may affect your temper. Your desire can drive you enthusiastically towards your ambitions. And just as hot as your color, you don’t shy from your chance to take away all the looks of the eyes in the hallway.

5. Yellow

Source: Artsfon

You are adventurous, shrewd, curious, optimistic and cheerful. You like learning new things and love to experiment. You are very imaginative and that also makes you think too much about everything. You like to cheer others up even if you aren’t that cheerful yourself and that makes you good at hiding your emotions. Like your color, you are too merry to be with!

6. Green

Source: Itsyourpartysc

You are practical, faithful, loyal, down to earth and generous person. You can draw things and people towards you without trying too hard. You can tend to wear your heart on your sleeve and become an open book, craving for love and affection. You like to win and you are strong willed. Just like your color, you are a giver and a great lover.

7. White

Source: Weheartit

You are optimistic, neat, simple, peaceful and spick-and-span. Your positive vibes drive people to be with you. You tend to be wise with your decisions and possess a great deal of self-control. You are self-sufficient, independent and you like being a solitary reaper. You are as peaceful as your color makes you feel.

8. Black

Source: Glamourdrops

You are strong-willed and stout. You aren’t afraid of anything that you want to do. You are as charming and as sophisticated as you can ever get and this might as well intimidate your friends and colleagues. Power is as important to you as your status. You might hold things inside and aren’t comfortable with sharing it with others. You are as timeless as your favorite color is and you never go out of style.  

Everyone has a favorite color and every color speaks volumes. Did yours speak about you?

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