Bloodthirsty Dictators Who Walked The Earth Before Hitler

History has seen plenty of leaders and dictators who betrayed humanity by unleashing chaos and raining death upon people.

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History has seen plenty of leaders and dictators who betrayed humanity by unleashing chaos and raining death upon people.

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So much irony! If you think nobody could match Hitler in his brutality, then we present to you this list. Let's see what our ancestors were up to!

1. Ivan IV The Terrible (1533-1584)

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This man had a nice, quiet, intelligent childhood and his hobbies included music, science and torturing small animals. He had a strange personality which appeared normal at first but soon people would find him struggling to control his outbursts of rage. He lost his parents at an early age and blamed nobles known as Boyars for it. He became the leader at the age of 16 and soon embarked upon destroying his enemies: Tartar khanates of Kazan and the nobles. He went on to do terrible things such as murdering his own son and daughter-in-law in a fit of rage. He gauged the eyes of the architect who helped build St. Basil's Cathedral so that it could not be replicated.

2. Vlad ‘The Impaler’ Tepes (16th Century)

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Do you know that this man was the inspiration for the fictional vampire Count Dracula? Why? Because of his love for violence and blood. Vlad was cruel and straight-up evil. He killed looted, burned, terrorized his enemies. His activities earned him  nicknames like Impaler, terrorist, vampire etc. Vlad never held prisoners. Those who got caught, usually ended up dying in a very painful manner.

3. Atilla the Hun (435- 453)

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Attila the Hun (Scourge of God) murdered his own brother so that he could rise as the singular ruler of the Hunnic tribe. He was a savage barbaric ruler who did not believe in taking prisoners- it is widely speculated that he used to eat them. The Huns didn’t really believe in technology, they would fight , plunder and ravage cities instead of growing their own food. Atilla once attacked the city of Aquileia. He burned, hacked and destroyed the city in such a manner that nothing could ever grow back from its ruins.

4. Caligula (AD 37 to AD 41)


Caligula emerges as the clear winner in our list. He was the 3rd Roman Emperor and the biggest pervert ever. He would hack, slash, impale, feed prisoners to lions or even torture his own people for no apparent reason. He enjoyed sex and would often get involved in such activity with multiple women- he even made his men give up their wives, and didn’t even spare his sisters. sawing people in half and then feasting on their testicles was one of the bloodthirsty pastimes this man enjoyed.

5. Genghis Khan (1206 to 1227)

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Stories of this personality would make Hitler appear tame. Genghis Khan loved violence. He first kill came at the age of 13 when he murdered his own brother just because he stole his fish. Genghis went on to become a ruler with unparalleled strength and his tyranny became the death of more than 60 million people. Genghis used to torture people by pouring molten metal and silver in their eyes. His empire extended from China to Russia. He burnt, raided, ravaged countless cities during his reign. Records suggest that in one of his massacres he killed over 700,000 people.

Know of any more personalities who matched these in their brutality? Comment below!

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