Blood And Mayhem In The ‘Battle Of The Bastards’ Gives Season 6 Its Long Waited High!

Blood And Mayhem In The ‘Battle Of The Bastards’ Gives Season 6 Its Long Waited High!

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*Spoiler alert*

Most fans expected nothing but war in the North between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton, but the episode began with fire blazed throughout Meereen, making it clear that Daenerys Targaryen is all set to make her claim at the Iron Throne.

Off to a slow start, it began with a pesky negotiation between the Masters and the Dragon Mother. But she is no mood to consider anything and exhibits her true power, mounting Drogon and flying alongside her two other dragons, Rhaegal and Viserion, burnt the slavers' main ships to ashes.

Meanwhile, Dany's Dothraki army, led by Daario Naharis, storm the gates of Meereen and eliminate the Sons of the Harpy to reclaim Meereen altogether.

When Dany leaves, Tyrion tells the three masters that their violation of the peace agreement cannot go unanswered; they must choose one of themselves to die. Two of the slavers point at Yezzan and with that, the choice is clear: Grey Worm kills the other two with ultimate swag.

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This is followed by the talks between two badass princesses who collaborate for ships and battle with Yara helping Dany win the Iron Throne and she herself reclaiming the Salt Throne of the Iron Islands.

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In a separate tent, Jon meets with Melisandre and asks the Red Woman not to bring him back to life if he falls on the battlefield. But she says she doesn't take orders from Jon, she answers to the Lord of Light and if he declares Jon should rise again, that is what will happen.

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Jon meets with his advisors about what would be the best way to handle the coming battle with Sansa insisting that her voice should be heard, considering what she knows about Ramsay on a personal level. Sansa doesn't feel confident in her brother's chances of surviving.

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Meanwhile Davos on his walk finds a toy stag among a pile of charred bones. He knows at once that the bones belong to Shireen and instantly connects it to Melisandre.

When it is time for war House Stark and House Bolton's forces line up on opposite sides of the battlefield. Jon Snow rides his horse forward as soon as he sees Ramsay come forth with a familiar face in tow: Rickon, bound in rope. Ramsay removes a dagger from his belt and it appears that he's about to kill Rickon, but instead, he cuts the youngest Stark son's bindings.

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With that, Rickon marches off toward his brother, sprinting through the field, dodging arrows. Jon Snow charges forward on his horse too, trying his best to save his brother.

Jon's seconds away from grabbing Rickon when an arrow slams into Rickon's back and through his chest. But the way he goes out at the mercy of one of Ramsay's twisted games is especially brutal. A memorable exit for a character who wasn't always so front of mind.

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The battle begins. Gruesome, gory, gross and by far the most traumatizing minutes of the entire episodes seem to last for hours. No details should be provided because it’s worth the watch.

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But the Starks lose momentum and are almost losing with Jon himself nearly suffocating under the weight of so many bodies.

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That is when Sansa arrives with Littlefinger along with the Tully forces and the victory is theirs.

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With a heavy heart we inform that after Hodor, the next unnecessary death is that of Wun Wun as they breach the Winterfell gates. The giant smashes through Winterfell's front door, collapsing in a heap, finally succumbing to the hundreds of arrows and spears poking out of his body. Jon attempts to reach out to his giant friend, but before he can, Ramsay Bolton puts an arrow through Wun-Wun's eye.

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The battle is won, and the Starks have Winterfell again, evidenced by the Direwolf sigil hanging from the castle. Jon is about to kill Ramsay with his powerful punches alone when he realizes that he is not his to kill after glancing at Sansa.

The definition of happy endings differ in the Game of Thrones by a way that whenever a tyrant harasses the characters and audiences alike, he DIES. And Ramsay’s death was long awaited. The way he meets his end serves him right as his own hungry dogs saunter right up to his face, and smash his teeth into the Bastard of Bolton's flesh.

The show was longer than usual (59 minutes) and was followed by a sneak peak of the season finale.

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