Blissfully Brett! Some lesser Known Facts About The Man Synonymous With Fast Bowling

He won hearts not only in his homeland but also in India,

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“If everything seems under control, then you are not going fast enough”
He is the man, who gave ‘Pace’ a new definition, overcame struggles, gave people a whole new reason to love cricket and yet is living life like a boss!
Here we have a few facts which you must know about this Cricketer who recently turned 40.

“BING” Lee

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Lee owes his nick-name to the electronics store “Bing Lee”. His high school mates started calling him by this name and it later continued even during his cricket career.

Music and Magic 

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Lee is a part of a band called “Six & Out”. The band members are his brother Shane, Brad McNamara, Gavin Robertson and Richard Chee Quee.

The Guy and his Guitar 

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Lee plays bass guitar for his band and his Maton guitar is his prized possession. It is autographed by various music icons and it accompanies him on his tours.

The Coffee connection

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Brett co-owns a café called “Fusions Coffee shop/Bookshop” along with his friend Luke Harris.
Brett himself claims to master cooking delicious beef stir fry.

Fascinations and India

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Brett is a lover of Indian Cuisine. His favourite actor is Amitabh Bacchan. Lee also recorded a song named “you’re the one for me” with Asha Bhosle.

Animal love

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Lee’s first pet was a rabbit named Floppy. He later got himself two clownfish and named them ‘finding’ and ‘Nemo’.

The humble roots

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Brett worked as a suit salesman at Barclay’s Menswear. He was believed to have returned back to the store after leaving cricket.

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