Bliss In Bean! Cheers To The 19 Years Of The Movie Bean

Mr Bean taught us that smiles and humour need no language

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Rowan Atkinson while studying at Oxford University developed a character which later became Mr Bean. He describes Mr Bean as “A child in a grown man’s body” and it went on to became the most loved comic character.

On 7 November 1997, “Bean”, directed by Mel Smith, released in US.

This childish buffoon who makes every day task as funny as they could ever be taught us why smiles and humour need no language

Here are a few reactions which were best taught by Mr.Bean:

How you look when you overthink dancing in a party

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When your physics teacher makes no sense

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When you define your fences of “comfort zone”
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When you crack a joke which only you think is funny

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When you live the fantasy of becoming a ‘Vampire’ and you be like

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When suddenly you’re named is called out in a dull and boring class

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Because sharing is caring

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Because you believe in magic and you are no less than a magician

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