“Blimey!”: 15 Everyday Situations Summed Up In Ron Weasley GIFs

Weasley can save anything,He never leaves a single ring,That's why Gryffindors all sing:Weasley is our King.Ronald Bilius Weasley is the voice of reason.

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Weasley can save anything,

He never leaves a single ring,

That's why Gryffindors all sing:

Weasley is our King.

And a King indeed is the sixth Weasley scion. In a world of fantasy and eye-popping magic, Ronald Bilius Weasley is the voice of reason. Harry has his dark demons to face and Hermione is busy poring over her tomes.

Meanwhile, Ron keeps it real for us all. Let’s face it, all you wannabe Chosen Ones, who do you act most like on a regular, typical, Muggle day? We thought as much.

Here are fifteen instances in your life where Won-Won guides you with the best reaction:

1. When you feign innocence upon being caught stalking a crush’s FB profile:

2. When a party sucks but your friend is having a lot of fun:

3. When your test scores are as low as the Slytherin Quidditch team’s morals:

4. When somebody tells you that the dessert is, ugh, sugar-free:

5. When you correctly predict the outcome of a dicey match:

6. When your friends hook you up for revenge:

7. When crush says “Nice jacket!”:

8. When a sincere classmate insists on getting extra assignments:

9. When serving size is inversely proportional to prices in a fancy-ass restaurant:

10. When Mom actually PRAISES you in front of RELATIVES!

11. When Dad says “I need to use your computer”:

12. When you’re sleepy but your Grawp-high friend wants to contemplate on the Purpose of Life

13. When it’s summer and the elevator is broken:

14. When all your mates are drunk and the assignment is due in an hour:

15. When a holiday happens to fall on a Monday:

Merlin’s pants do we love him!

GIFs sourced from here, here and here

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