Tweeple Pitch Plots For Black Mirror And We Think They Are Mind Blowing!

Tweeple wanted creator Charlie Brooker to sit back and relax while they come up with the ideas for the next season.

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For those of you who are a fan of the Black Mirror series know that one just cannot stop after a single episode and have to binge watch the whole season. And if you’re a level 99 fan, then season after season is your thing!

The fourth season of this sci-fi series which turned out to be brilliant AF (expected much!), covered major aspects of online dating, angry co-workers and covering up mistakes. The season ended on a high note and has got the fans wanting for more.

The fans couldn’t help but find loopholes in the plot but they still appreciate creator Charlie Brooker’s sheer brilliance. As Ladbible quotes, ‘He looks at the world we live in today and imagines what fucked up the mess we might find ourselves in the not too distant future’.

Fans who were twiddling thumbs waiting for the new season couldn’t do that for long and started suggesting Brooker plots for the upcoming season.

A few of them took to Twitter and started pitching their plots.

Like this one where an FBI agent falls in love with the person, they’ve been watching on the webcam.



Another user on Twitter wrote: "Black Mirror idea: Future of Tinder for people who want kids. You give the app your DNA, then swipe left or right on realistic generated photos of the kids it knows you would make with the other users. Freaky!"

There are numerous websites which create baby photos of two people who are interested in each other on the basis of their looks. What it actually does is creates a fusion of the two people pictures and makes it look young!

But when in Black Mirror, the futuristic device would carry out this process in a better and proper way with high-tech. Skillful, we say!

A London based digital agency wrote a potential plot as: "Streaming services buy up all the sounds in existence. You then have to pay a subscription to be able to hear anything in your everyday life without being bombarded with ads every few minutes."

Can you imagine how that would be, say, not being able to hear the street noise, cheering in a cricket match or going to a concert and buying another ticket just to hear the sounds! Chilling.


Jeremy Baldin wrote about an episode idea where a new-age millennial teaches the parents to use a smartphone.

Since our parents’ generation is not as tech-savy as use and some even find it difficult to use smartphones like the way we do, it can be a task in itself to run through every phone process through them.

But what’s so intriguing is the end where the kid finds out that his parents are CEOs of an Apple-like company and were simply doing this to their child for a good laugh.

Looks like Twitter has got enough feed for Charlie Brooker even before he sits down to write the next season’s script!

Information source: ladbible

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