Birthday Wishes To Bryan Fuller. Don’t Know Him? Here’s Why You Should!

we are all familiar with Bryan's Pushing Daisies, Heroes, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Hannibal, among others.Let’s take you through

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Writers are an odd bunch. They pine for creative control and even so much as an iota of doubt with regards to that makes them lose their daisies. Then, there’s another class of writers who are known for not just their creative talent, but also for the ability to jump across genres with ease and dexterity.

Bryan Fuller belongs to that class.

For most of us, his name is something that we’ve been hearing for a long time but don’t exactly know where to place or connect. What we are all familiar with is his vast canvas of work, most notably including gems like Pushing Daisies, Heroes, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Hannibal, among others. Let’s take you through some of his life’s milestones:

1. College Dropout:

Fuller never completed college because he believed the education that he could get with hands-on experience is something a college degree will never be able to give him.

2. Office Temp:

After dropping out, Fuller worked as an office assistant for more than five years. In an interview to a magazine he said, “Those were the best years of my life and have made me the person that I am.”

3. He has a dedicated fandom named after him:

“Fullerverse”, as it is passionately called, is the name of the universe that his fans believe all his series take place in. This initially began as a joke because Fuller loves repeating some actors in all his shows. Eventually though, he started hinting at the same by incorporating subtle nods throughout his works. This form of subtle consistency is not seen anywhere in the medium of television.

Source: denofgeek

4. The Star Trek connection:

Fuller, a self-confessed science-fiction and Star Trek fan, began his professional writing career with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He continued this with Star Trek: Voyager. Following Voyager, Star Trek’s reign continued for one more series and ended with Star Trek: Enterprise. However, now Fuller is commandeering the creation of a new series titled, Star Trek: Discovery.

star-trek-discovery-logo.jpgSource: GeekandSundry

5. Emmy nominations:

For Pushing Daisies, Fuller & Co. received a record 12 Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Writing for Fuller.

6. The curse of Two:

With the fortunate exception of Hannibal, Fuller has never had any series run for more than two seasons. This is less owed to creative differences and more to viewers’ expectations and maturity.

7. American Gods and dreams:

Fuller has revealed that the development of American Gods, which will premiere sometime in 2017, has been the best experience of his life. He credits this to the world-renowned author of the book that it is based on, Neil Gaiman. Fuller has expressed that he has been a fan of Gaiman’s work for a long time and always hoped to one day meet him. To be able to collaborate with the maestro is like a dream come true for him.

american-gods-poster-comic-con.jpegSource: ComicBook

Title image: moviehole

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