Bios Incube: Turning The Dead Into Live Trees

A new gadget that helps you nurture life from ashes, and give you a way to keep your loved ones close even after they die!

The Bios Incube, Bios Urn, Turning The Dead Into Live

A new gadget that helps you nurture life from ashes, and give you a way to keep your loved ones close even after they die! Instead of throwing one’s ashes over the fireplace you will breathe a new life to them in the form of the tree that can be kept anywhere from your living room or outside to that reminds you of all the amazing memories! Bigthink

The Bios Incube is created by a company named Bios Urn. The company says the invention allows people to return the deceased and dead life through nature, creating a reminder of that person! No one forgets the person who dies and the family is always reminded of that person’s life. So Bios Incube will never let you forget and will always keep your loved ones with you.

What Is Bios Incube Exactly? Plasticstoday

Bios Incube is an incubator that monitors and cultivates trees from human ashes in people’s homes. It is a sleek, white plant pot that measures 2.5 feet tall and is about 1 foot in diameter. The Bios Incube works with a Bios Urn that is a biodegradable Urn and is a small cylindrical package with the seed and soil sitting on top of the ashes. The entire Bios Urn sits in the upper half of the Bios Incube and is made of paper, carbon and cellulose. Once it decomposes the ashes mix with the soil and the roots of the tree. Dezeen

The outer of Bios Incube is separated by soil and is a water tank that holds 11.4 liters of water.  There is also a sensor and sprinkler that is on top of the soil. While the sensor monitors moisture of soil, it also monitors environmental conditions such as sunlight exposure, temperature and humidity. The device knows exactly what type of tree it is, since it will be pre-programmed on the basis of type of tree. For example - if it’s a pine tree or a maple tree. The storage capacity of water lasts 20 days on average.

Feedback of Bios Urn

Source: Genk

The feedback is positive from its users and the company also maintains close relationships with its customers. The tree can stay in its pot or be planted in a forest so that it can grow indefinitely. If the tree is removed from the incubator the Bios Incube can be used again since it uses ordinary soil mixture. It will be always be better to visit a forest to see your loved one than going to a graveyard!!

The Bios Incube is expected to reach the market by March 2017.

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