Bill Gates Writes A Blog On PM Narendra Modi By Praising Him For His Swachh Bharat Campaign.

Bill Gates poured his thoughts about Narendra Modi in his blog!

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Everyone talks about the great work done by Modi but not many pen down their thoughts on this but, Bill Gates did. On his personal blog gatesnotes he poured his heart out and very beautifully articulated words to praise our PM Modi. 

In his blog he also mentioned, I can’t think of another time when a national leader has broached such a sensitive topic so frankly and so publicly. Even better, Modi backed up his words with actions. Two months after that speech, he launched a campaign called Clean India (“Swachh Bharat” in Hindi), which now includes ending open defecation nationwide by 2019, installing 75 million toilets throughout the country—75 million!—and making sure that no untreated waste is dumped into the environment.

He also tweeted on the same:

He further shared his views on this: What I love most about Clean India is that it identified a big problem, got everyone working on it, and is using measurement to show where things need to be done differently. As the old saying goes, what gets measured gets done. If you don’t set ambitious targets and chart your progress, you end up settling for business as usual—and in this case, business as usual would mean poor sanitation keeps killing more than half a million Indians every year.

Talking Toilet is a short virtual-reality video that emphasised on India’s efforts to improve sanitation. This video was made was made during the recent visit of Bill Gates to India.

Many Bollywood celebrities are associated with Modi's pet initiative and have appeared in a number of advertisements related to this initiative. 

This is a huge thing for India to receive an international acclaim from such a renowned personality, with this we just hope that more people join hands to strive for better India and clean India.

Information source: gatesnotes
Title image: blogs.wsj

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