Big Cities Are Dangerous To Stay In During Zombie Apocalypse, Say Researchers

The researchers took to the book ‘World War Z’ for inspiration and made a mock representation of a zombie apocalypse.

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Okay, we’ve all thought about how the world would end with the zombie apocalypse at least some point in our lives.

While movies have helped us a lot in imagining how that day would look like, our minds to have gone a step further in the imagination department. From how to tackle it to survive it, we’ve admittedly thought of it all.

But some physicists have a different theory of surviving a zombie apocalypse which might make you change your plans of survival. The physicists who’ve researched on the topic of zombie outbreak say that people who live in bigger cities are more likely to be in danger.

According to a research of 2015 which was taken up at the Cornell University and presented at the American Physical Society, the best way to survive an outbreak would be to go to hilly regions and find a refuge there.

The researchers took to the book ‘World War Z’ for inspiration and made a mock representation of a zombie apocalypse on the lines of an epidemic of diseases.

Alex Alemi, a student who was a member of the research team revealed how it was a better option to start moving away from people because that is what one does when an epidemic breaks out.

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But the utmost best option is to flee away to the regions that have barely any population and are difficult to reach by the rest of the people who are on their way to flee, too.

In a press release, Alemi stated:  "I'd love to see a fictional account where most of New York City falls in a day, but upstate New York has a month or so to prepare."

The assumptions that were taken by the researches were borrowed from the standard notion of a fictional zombie apocalypse. Infection by a bite, walking on foot with a drag and more people getting infected by time - are the things that have been presumed.

Some other presuppositions are – caving in of the transportation system. That would make it difficult for people who live in big cities to rescue themselves.

Researchers built an interactive model to represent this kind of apocalypse. On the basis of the model, they could finalize various aspects such as a starting point, a zombie-bite to zombie-kill ratio, the average speed of movement of a zombie.

Now looking at the stats that surfaced during the research, it looks like New York City would be a place that would be massively devastated almost in a span of 24 hours.

"Given the time, we could attempt to add more complicated social dynamics to the simulation, such as allowing people to make a run for it, include plane flights, or have an awareness of the zombie outbreak, etc.," Alemi said.

Now, most of y’all would argue that this information is absolutely useless. But the public health department of various states finds the zombie outbreak model to explain the hazards of a disease spread. That’s precisely why US' Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has dedicatedly created a page for this.

So ultimately, a solution for surviving in a zombie apocalypse: Run far far away!

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