BEWARE: You Might Not Want Your Child To Watch These Videos On Youtube

The Spiderman-Elsa trend on Youtube is the newest, bizarre and the most unlikely one which is upping the charts, day by day.

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Technology is hilarious! There was a time when my parents used to yell at me for being on Whatsapp and Facebook, almost every time. Eventually, the tables turned and my parents too joined the bandwagon of the 50+ generation on social media.

Now, my mother sends me those cheesy ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Good Afternoon’ messages, every day without fail. And my father, takes those stupid and fake Whatsapp forwards, way too seriously.

While the older generation is currently obsessed with the idea of social media, the younger generation is not behind. No, I’m not talking about the millennial generation. But the small kids who are a pros at handling smartphones and tablets, even at a very young age. This particular generation will cry their heart out, until and unless, they don’t watch a video on Youtube or play their favorite game on their parents’ phone. Technology is ruining us, and how!

Hence, if you are parents to this generation, a tough task is lined up ahead for you. The game of Youtube is going strong, day by day, with certain Youtubers making their presence felt. Hence, in order to grab some eyeballs, some wannabe vloggers are creating content, which you might not want your child to watch it.

The Spiderman-Elsa trend on Youtube is the newest, bizarre and the most unlikely one which is upping the charts, day by day. These videos uploaded by several kids channels on Youtube are downright creepy, sadist and vulgar.

While analyzing this upward trend of senseless, sexually charged and toilet-themed so-called kids videos, Heat Street, a leading US-based news and opinion website says:

“The videos, many with more than 1 million views and some with as many as 30 million, appear to originate from shady entrepreneurs in the former Soviet block and Asia. They use search keywords popular among younger kids like “toilet,” “kiss,” “Elsa,” and “Spiderman” to draw in millions of curious children.  These videos which include bizarre nonsensical titles and even more nonsensical plots, and seem to be intended for kids who just want to see Spiderman and Elsa kiss (often with the obligatory toilet playing a co-starring role). “

The website goes on to add that:

“There are dozens of channels made by different people but they all follow the same formula: cheesy store-bought costumes, royalty-free music and gonzo pseudosexual plot lines usually involving farting and toilets — raunchy and disturbing, yet still cleverly skirting YouTube’s algorithmic censors. The videos usually contain about three to five characters who never talk (perhaps as they’re largely filmed in non-English speaking corners of the world). “

Going by the views, these videos get, the makers rake in a moolah. For a single video, the ad revenue generated is close to $ 10,000.

Another website named The Verge was also very critical about this trend and stated that:

“Kids using the normal version of YouTube, as opposed to the YouTube Kids app, are always at risk of stumbling upon some strange material. “You’re watching a vlogger, and after three or four clicks, you wind up on someone else who is using worse language or talking about racy topics,” says Cohen. But typically those channels aren’t appealing to children, and certainly “are not putting on a veneer that would be really appealing to kids. Some of the more risqué types of programming in this genre, they are candy coated for kids. That’s what makes this more concerning.”

A very popular Youtube group which goes by the name of H3H3 Productions did a scene to scene analysis of these toy channels on Youtube, and the result was nothing but disgusting.

Watch the video here:

Shocking, isn’t it? Well, you can surely prevent your kid from stumbling upon these bizarre videos, by keeping a stern watch on them. Hence, the next time, if you spot your kid, smiling cheekily while looking at the screen of your phone, you just what you have to do!

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